Equal Pay

The equal pay issue? Equal Pay is not just an issue in the UK

...it is not just an EU issue

...the campaign is world wide

We are determined to end women being treated as second class citizens...

Manuel Cortes, General Secretary, TSSA

It's astounding that we still don't have equal pay in 2012

Vera Simes, Dagenham Striker

It's time to grab back the word feminism...It's about equal rights; that's all.

Annie Lennox

The European Equal Pay Day reminds us of how much work needs to be done to close the gender pay gap.

Viviane Reding, E.C. Vice President

Over the year we are a long way from earning as much as the men

Marion Bartoli, Tennis Professional (speaking about prize money in tennis)

When more women are bringing home the bacon, but bringing home less of it than men who are doing the same work, that weakens families, it weakens communities, it's tough on our kids, it weakens our entire economy.

Barack Obama, President of USA

For too long society has undervalued the work that women do

Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister

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