Book (Yel-Ora)This page shows some examples of equal pay cases which have been successful in the UK. The information provided is a brief overview of the key details concerning each equal pay case.

Case study 1
Location = Scotland
Claimant job = Classroom Assistant
Comparator jobs = Gravediggers and Roadworkers
Details = The comparator jobs earned 20% more than the claimant. The claimant worked with autistic children and argued that the specific skills required were equal to the particular skills required by the comparator jobs. The ruling was that the Classroom Assistant job had been undervalued.

Case study 2
Location = Birmingham
Claimant jobs = Cleaners, Carers, Teaching Assistants
Comparator jobs = Gravediggers and Streetcleaners
Details = More than 4,500 female employees of Birmingham City Council argued that their jobs were equal to those of some male colleagues. This is one of the most high profile and successful equal pay cases in UK history. The claim was settled in the claimant’s favour and cost the Council around £200 million in compensation.

Case study 3
Location = Newcastle
Claimant jobs = Nurses
Comparator jobs = Craftsmen, Joiners and Labourers
Details = The claimants were Unison members and argued discrimination on the grounds that they were paid less than their comparators even though they worked in the same region. When the claim was settled in the nurses’ favour the affected workers within the pay grade saw their pay doubled.

Case study 4
Location = Birkenhead
Claimant job = Cook
Comparator job = Shipyard Worker
Details = This case took place in the 1980s and was escalated to the House of Lords after three rulings failed to provide a conclusion. The claimant, Julie Hayward, became an overnight celebrity after the case was settled in her favour. It was the first case of its kind to properly recognise the principle of equal pay for equal work.

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