What about the finance?

  • q-iconHow much does it cost?

    Nothing, unless you receive compensation. Harcus Sinclair, a law firm specialising in large-scale group claims, are representing Tesco workers on a ‘no win no fee basis’. If you receive back pay, a 22.5% + VAT will be used to pay for their work. This is explained in the terms and the conditions of the agreement.

  • q-iconWill I definitely win?

    We believe (and so do our legal partners) that there is a good basis for the claim. We cannot guarantee you will win. No legal claim is certain to win. But if you do not win, there is no cost to you.

  • q-iconHow long before I get my money?

    That will depend on how hard Tesco fight the claim. It can be months (and sometimes a few years) for equal pay claims to be completed.

  • q-iconWho are Pay Justice?

    We are a specialist company committed to helping people get their legal rights to fair pay. We are formally registered with the Ministry of Justice as a ‘Claims Management Company’. Our work is also funded as part of legal fees.

  • q-iconIf you win the case, won't everyone win compensation anyway?

    Tesco have no legal obligation to pay back pay unless you have brought a claim, and they are unlikely to do this voluntarily. If the claims are successful Tesco will have to remedy the pay gap. This could either be through raising the pay of those in stores, or through lowering the pay in distribution centres.

  • q-iconCould I incur any other costs if the claim isn't successful?

    If you decide to end this agreement after a period of 14 days after signing your DBA, you agree to pay your share of the Solicitors’ charges- which will be calculated based on the hours incurred by them. If you decide to cancel before the end of this 14-day period, you will not incur any other costs if the claim isn’t successful. 


  • q-iconHow is Pay Justice paid?

    We are paid by the Solicitors, Harcus Sinclair, who represent you in court. Pay Justice will never ask claimants for money. The only scenarios in which claimants will incur any cost from the Solicitors are if the claim is successful, or if the DBA is terminated more than 14 days after signing. 


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Please be assured that strong victimisation laws are in place to protect you from any negative action being taken against you for bringing a claim. If you have any concerns about this or any other questions about the claim, you can call us and speak to our legal team in confidence.