Can I claim?

  • q-iconCan I bring a claim?

    Anyone who works in a Tesco store on an hourly rate within the last 6 years (or 5 years in Scotland) can bring a claim.

  • q-iconI have left Tesco, can I still bring a claim?

    Yes, providing that you have left within the past 6 years (or 5 years in Scotland).

  • q-iconIs it only for women?

    No. Men working in the stores can claim too, at the same time.  If the women win their claims, then male colleagues doing the same job as the women are entitled to the same compensation.

  • q-iconWhat Tesco jobs are included?

    This current campaign is for all store workers. You cannot claim if you work in a distribution centre.

  • q-iconWould it make a difference if I am employed as a manager?

    If you have worked as a manager at Tesco, it is important to establish whether you were/are paid hourly or by a yearly salary. The fact that you may be, or have been, a salaried manager does not necessarily prevent you from bringing a claim. However, the work of a salaried manager may be more complex and individual than an hourly paid colleague. We are currently only bringing claims on behalf of hourly paid colleagues. It may still be worth getting legal advice on your position by going to see a solicitor. You can search for a solicitor on the Law Society website.

  • q-iconWill Brexit affect my claim?

    Possibly at some stage, but not immediately. The equal pay claims against Tesco are based on both domestic and European law. While negotiations are taking place about leaving the European Union, the law has not changed, and so your claim remains as it was before the EU referendum.

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Please be assured that strong victimisation laws are in place to protect you from any negative action being taken against you for bringing a claim. If you have any concerns about this or any other questions about the claim, you can call us and speak to our legal team in confidence.