Tesco staff are claiming thousands of £s in back pay.

Thousands of Tesco staff have already signed up for equal pay. Why not join them?

Tesco staff are claiming thousands of £s in back pay.

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The Claim, explained.

How Can Pay Justice Help You?

At Pay Justice, it’s our mission to help low paid and unfairly treated workers in the retail sector. Partnered with some of the best employment law legal teams in the country, we’ve already helped thousands of workers claim back the money they deserve.

But now it's your turn.

If you're interested in joining your colleagues in the fight for equal pay and recognition within the workplace, join the claim today.

What is the Tesco Equal Pay Claim?

  • The law on equal pay for men and women is very clear. Not only should men and women be paid the same for the same job, but also they should be paid the same for doing work of EQUAL VALUE.
  • The Tesco Equal Pay Claim is based on the belief that in-store work is of equal value with the work being done in the distribution centres, whose workers are earning much more. Therefore, store workers can potentially claim up to 6 years of lost pay.
  • Many potential current claims are for over £10,000 or about £1,700 for every year worked at Tesco (up to the maximum of 6 years).

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Who are Harcus Parker Employment and why should they represent you?

  • Harcus Parker Employment is a leading law firm which is focused on litigation and specialises in bringing group action cases on behalf of large numbers of individuals and companies who share the same essential complaint, often against a financial services firm or institution.
  • The firm has a strong track record of delivering successful outcomes for groups of shareholders, institutional investors, private individuals and members of professional bodies and trade associations both in the UK and internationally.
  • As well as the clear advantages of strength in numbers and a shared cohesive strategy, clients who claim in a group benefit from significant costs savings compared to the expense of bringing a claim alone.

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Equal Pay Claims By The Numbers

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  • 15,000 +

    Supermarket employees have signed up to Equal Pay cases with us in the last 6 years

  • 10-20%

    The likely average UK gender pay gap (the disparity between male and female earnings)

  • £££ millions

    Worth of back pay to be claimed for unequal pay

  • 2 minutes

    The time it takes to sign up and register

  • Pay Justice have the expertise, knowledge and track record to help you make a claim. Pay expertise should be in the hands of employees, not just employers.
  • Pay Justice is committed to helping you claim your rights. We aim to provide the tools, information and expert advice to enable you to overcome the barriers to making equal pay claims.
  • Pay Justice are passionate about helping employees claim equal pay. The law relies on individuals making equal pay claims.

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Please be assured that strong victimisation laws are in place to prevent any negative action being taken against you for bringing a claim. If you have any concerns about this or any other questions about the claim, you can call 0161 883 3209 and speak to our legal team in confidence.