• Will the claim affect my job?

    There are strong laws that protect workers when making equality claims. Therefore, it would be potentially unlawful for Boots to treat you any differently once you have joined the claim.

    The no-win, no-fee agreement that you need to sign to be fully registered with the claim will explain in full and hopefully this will put your mind to rest about any issues.

  • How much will the claim cost me?

    The claim is being run on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis, this means that there is no fee due if the claim is unsuccessful.

    If the claim is successful, a small percentage will go towards legal fees to ensure we can continue to run Equal Pay Claims in the future. This percentage will be subtracted from your payout before you receive it. The total compensation that you recieve, will be yours to keep.

  • How long will the claim take?

    It is unlikely that the claim will conclude within 2 years due to the ability for Boots to appeal the decision at each hearing. We are unable to give an accurate prediction of the length of the claim, as there are many factors which may affect the outcome – Boots may decide to settle early, for instance.

  • I can't remember an exact start date / end date / rate of pay, what should I do?

    You could check your most recent payslips as these usually provide all of the information we will need. If you can’t find your payslips, that’s not a problem. As long as you can give the month and year you left the store, the date can be a rough estimate.

  • Can men register for the claim?

    Yes! The Boots Equal Pay Claim is for both male and female shop floor employees. Providing that you have worked in a Boots store in the last 6 years and that you were employed on an hourly rate, you will be eligible to register.

    Men make what are called ‘piggyback’ claims but the registration process is just the same.

  • I haven't kept my payslips. Can I still register?

    Absolutely. In some cases, even if you haven’t kept your payslips, they are accessible online, so it may be worth checking there first. If not, we would ask you to give us your closest estimates – it doesn’t matter if you can’t remember the exact figures, as long as you can give us a rough idea of your rate of pay, start and end date and hours per week.

  • What do Pay Justice get out of our claim?

    First and foremost, we are passionate about equal pay. Ultimately, it is our aim to give hard-working individuals easier access to fair pay. We work in partnership with Roscoe Reid who fund us to facilitate these claims, through marketing, administrative services and client onboarding.

  • Can I represent myself in court?

    It is possible, yes. However, it is highly likely that you will incur fees, and the chances of you winning may be lower. Mass equal pay claims tend to have higher success rates, as the volume of claimants tends to help to strengthen the case. This claim is being run no-win, no-fee, so you will never be left out of pocket.

  • What are the chances the case will win?

    We are unable to give any guarantees about the claim winning. However, based on similar cases in the past, we believe we have a very strong chance of winning.

    Our solicitors are some of the UK’s leading experts and do not take cases on unless they think they will win.

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