Are you Being Underpaid and Treated Unfairly at Work?

We are pay experts who have helped thousands of staff across the country. By completing our confidential survey you can help us fight against employers that pay their staff low wages.

How can Pay Justice help you?

It's our mission to help low paid and unfairly treated workers in the retail sector and we are now looking to establish what other employers may be mistreating their employees. Please fill out our quick survey to give us more information about your employer.

We believe that all workers deserve fair and equal pay

  • Pay Justice have the expertise, knowledge and track record to help you make a claim. Pay expertise should be in the hands of employees, not just employers.
  • Pay Justice is committed to helping you claim your rights. We aim to provide the tools, information and expert advice to enable you to overcome the barriers to making equal pay claims.
  • Pay Justice are passionate about helping employees claim equal pay. The law relies on individuals making equal pay claims.

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Please be assured that strong victimisation laws are in place to prevent any negative action being taken against you for bringing a claim. If you have any concerns about this or any other questions about the claim, you can call 0161 850 8525 and speak to our legal team in confidence.

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