Why Us?

For the past 8 years Pay Justice has pioneered technology for a number of leading law firms to sign up tens of thousands of claimants to Equal Pay Claims.

Within minutes and without the claimant leaving their IT device, we can:

  • Capture their information
  • Check their ID
  • Upload the retainer and funding documents
  • Secure their acceptance by electronic signature
  • Forward the information to the law firm's systems


This proven methodology will help you get convert your enquiries into clients.

Seamlessly convert enquiries into clients


• Begin a streamlined approach enabling your clients to read and sign their documents with the click of a button. No postage, misplaced paperwork or waiting around.

• Save time and improve efficiency as multiple users are able to access shared data and documents.

• Know exactly where your client enters and where they leave the process as our system stores every touch-point of their journey.

• Keeping up to date with your client’s registration has never been easier. Our tag-based system allows you to instantly see a snapshot of your clients' journey.


• We understand the strain and time restraints that manual ID checking brings to you and your team. That’s why we have embedded an online identity check built in our custom web forms

• A master copy of personal legal documents is embedded in your client’s profile to improve security and keep personal data protected.

• Find all your client’s files in one place, stored in their personal Client Profile.


• Receive an instant notification from new clients straight to your inbox – allowing you to react immediately to your new client’s needs.

• Ensure all team members are kept up to date by using our Activity Log. Create individual notes for each interaction to organise and personalise your clients’ journey.

• Quickly locate each unique client through our advanced search functionality. Find exactly what you are looking for with the click of a button.

• Update and progress your clients in seconds with our automated emails.

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