My name is James, and I’m part of the Customer Service team here at Pay Justice. Working at Pay Justice is quite different to the work I’m used to. I’m used to working in very demanding roles where my colleagues and I are understaffed and overworked. I’ve worked in store for massive chains before, so I know what it’s like to be an undervalued cog in a massive corporate machine. Naturally, this means I feel very strongly about the what Pay Justice is trying to achieve for everyday working people. 

I spend a lot of time at Pay Justice talking to people who work in-store for supermarkets and retailers. Some have worked in-store for years, and some work part-time while they are studying. Some love their jobs, and some feel disconnected from their employers. Some know exactly who Pay Justice are and what we’re trying to do, and some have never heard of us before. 

I speak to all kinds of people, but the one common thread that unites them all is that they are honest, hardworking, and just want to get on with their jobs. 

I talk to people about the parts of their jobs that they don’t like. I frequently hear about people working in massively understaffed storeswhere they struggle to meet the demands of the company. I’ve spoken to people who have worked in jobs they have cared deeply about for years, only to be made suddenly redundant in order to cut costs. I’ve even spoken to people who have been forced into signing new contracts that make their work or pay conditions even harder. 

It isn’t right that so many decent people work for companies that don’t care about them. The companies they work for make massive profits from their hard work, but don’t care about the staff that generate those profits. If a company can afford to give its CEO and shareholders huge bonuses, then it can afford to pay its staff better. 

I, and all my colleagues at Pay Justice, want to give store workers the tools to fight for fairer pay. We are extremely selective about the work we do and the legal firms we work with. We want to make Equal Pay Claims as accessible as possible, to as many workers as possible. I get to work every day alongside a team of like-minded, passionate, highly talented people, and help make a difference to people just like me. 

My name is James, and I think it’s time for Pay Justice. 

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