Sainsbury's workers may be able to claim for thousands in back pay

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  • The law on equal pay is clear: not only should men and women be paid the same for doing the same job, they should be paid the same for doing work of equal value
  • Our legal partners, Leigh Day, are specialists in employment law and have brought many successful equal pay claims to date, much of which has been reported in the media
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Linda Wong (27th January 2018)

The pay gap has been created by myriad, intertwining failings. You have sex discrimination, then you have a historic undervaluing of women’s roles, and unequal caring responsibilities.

An equal pay claim must prove that jobs are of equal worth, even if a role is not identical. A supermarket cashier may not need the physical strength demanded of a warehouse role (predominantly carried out by men), but they are more likely to call on their resilience, diplomacy and communication skills.

On the evidence I’ve seen, I think we will be successful. It’s very compelling. I think they [Sainsbury’s] will struggle.

There is power in numbers.

Linda Wong (27th January 2018) Leigh Day, Solicitor on the Sainsbury's Equal Pay Claim

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“It is important to sign up because a claim is only one of a small number of routes to equal pay. There is strength in numbers for change through a claim. You have nothing to lose putting in a claim and everything to gain."

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