Welsh councils missed a "common sense approach" to settle equal pay claims five years ago

Welsh councils missed a “common sense approach” to settle equal pay claims five years ago, a union leader has said.

Is this the same across all public sector organisations?  The excuse which some council leaders give is that the issue was “very, very complex.”

Under an agreement with unions in 1997, councils had agreed to settle all claims, estimated at totaling more than £75m, by 2007. As a result of the Council’s failure to uphold their original agreement this £75m will undoubtedly increase.

Should potential claimants now ask for interest on the monies owed to them.  These potential claimants have been more than patient; would the council wait five years for council tax if these claimants owed them?  The answer is no.

This is not only a question of fairness; it is a question of morals.  These councils are behaving immorally to the very employees which provide a valuable service to the public. 

For every single one of us who are employed whether in the Public Sector or the Private Sector, you should ask yourself, are you being treated fairly and morally?

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